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Female Impersonation, Avery Willard, 1971, Regiment Publications, NY. Going by the interview statement "When she isn't appearing on stage as a male mimic…", it was done before 7 Sep 1969 (when she quit the JBR). The photos in Central Park appear to be in autumn; Stormé is warmly dressed and there appear to be leafless trees and leaves on the ground. That means it was probably between Autumn 1961 and 1968. (Book is out of print; a scan can be viewed at Queer Music Heritage


Transgender Warriors, Les Feinberg, 1996, Beacon Press, Boston.


The Gay Metropolis, Charles Kaiser, 1997, Houghton Mifflin


Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton, Diane Wood Middlebrook, 1998, Houghton Mifflin, Boston (not about Stormé, but Middlebrook includes her in her acknowledgements in the preface)


Village Elders, Penny Coleman, 2000, University of Illinois Press, Chicago


Legends of the Chelsea Hotel, Ed Hamilton, 2007, Thunders Mouth Press, NY




Billboard Magazine
Various 1940s clippings about Viva Hublitz and Stormy Dale

Uncovering the Stonewall Lesbian: Stormé DeLarverié was there that infamous night. Now she's coming clean about it all. Patrick Hinds, Curve Magazine, 1 Jan 2008


Jet Magazine, 8 Feb 1962, pages 23 & 32, "Male Mimic Files Suit Against Husband In California" re filing for annulment of marriage to George S. Freeman



The Bulletin, Chicago, 12 May 1966, page 5, "'No Biz Like My Biz' Says Jewel Box Star" by Hurley Green


The Village Voice, 3 July 1969, available online in their archives.

Alliance Times and Herald newspaper, Alliance, NE
Clippings about the Hublitz family 1930s to 1962

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